In this section, you will find some of our favourite videos. We hope, you will enjoy them. If you want to see even more live performances, interviews, video blogs, behind-the-scenes footage, acousic sessions, cover versions from the very beginning (including our Enter Sandman cover, that went viral in 2014 and put us on the scene big time), please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Evolve (Video Clip) - July 23rd, 2021

This is the video clip for the second single from our third album. The song is called "Evolve" and we shot this video within just two hours in a garage using no professional video equipment but 16 iPhones and a drone. You can watch this in the little "behind-the-scenes" video, that we made, here. This was a little experimental take, but we think, the results are pretty cool, very raw and straight in your face, just like the song itself. We hope, you'll enjoy watching it as much as we did filming it!

Choke (Video Clip) - May 21st, 2021

Here's the video clip for the leading single "Choke" of our third album. We filmed it in one day with director Gabo Ramos. If you want to see a behind-the-scenes video of how we shot the clip, check here. Enjoy!

Quarantine Show from The Warning Cave - March 25th, 2020

This is as raw as it gets! When we had to postpone and later even cancel our long planned 23 date North American Tour through Mexico, the USA and Canada, we felt the urge to give something back to our fans and decided to do an impromptu live performance right from our basement, where our practice room is. This was a very intimate show, as the only people present (because of the quarantine regulations) were our parents. So there were actually more people in the band than in the audience. As we weren't able to bring anybody else to our home, we streamed directly live to facebook and YouTube just using two smartphones. So you will get a real insight of how we sound just with our practice equipment and without any big production. Of course, this kind of live-streams always bear a risk, as you cannot hide or correct any flaws, but to be honest, isn't that the fun of it? Post-production? Overdubs? Are you nuts?! This is Rock'n'Roll!!! Enjoy!

Foro DiDi Monterrey - June 14th, 2019

On June 14th 2019 we played a sold out show at the Foro DiDi in our hometown Monterrey. This was a very special evening for us. Not only did we perform really well and the audience was plain awesome, we also played our new song "Narcisista" live for the very first time. This is our first song in Spanish and we did not know, what to expect at first, but it has soon become one of the fan favorites and is now an inherent part of our shows. 

Album Release Show, Lunario CDMX - November 25th, 2018

As our second album "Queen of the Murder Scene" is a concept album, which is not just a collection of songs, but tells a coherent story, we chose a very special way to release it. It is divided into four chapters and an intro and we released them over a period of two or three weeks bit by bit to build up the listener's tension. On the morning of November 25th, 2018 we had released the final chapter and that same night we did the live premiere, where we played the whole album, first to last note, (plus a few of our favorite songs from "XXI Century Blood") at the Lunario in Mexico City. We had this event captured professionally and have put a lot of efforts into the mixing to be able to present the show to you in perfect video and audio quality. We hope, you'll like it!

Hell & Heaven Festival - May 4th, 2018

The Hell & Heaven Festival is one of Mexico's most prestigious Rock and Metal festivals and we were invited to fill one of the afternoon slots on the main stage. We were nervous at first, playing in front of such an immense sea of people, but as soon as we started to play and the audience started clapping and cheering, although most of them probably had never seen us before gave us a total rush. It was such an amazing event and such an honor to share the same stage with such legendary bands like Deep Purple, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Megadeth and many more. We gave our very best to fill this huge stage even after Ale kicked out the cable between her floorboard and the stagebox (and we weren't able to find it anymore). This video was recorded by our manager Rudy with his smartphone, so don't expect hifi-audio here. But we think, it's pretty decent and captures perfectly the atmosphere that day.

Opening for "The Killers" - April 2nd, 2018

We felt very honored, when "The Killers" asked us to open both of their shows in our hometown Monterrey, Mexico. The sound was amazing, so was the audience, who welcomed us with open arms. And we think, we delivered a really good performance that night, even though Paulina had hurt herself during the show, when her finger hit one of the rims and she had to finish the gig under intense pain. But thank god, nothing was broken and she could perform on the next day as well.

XXI Century Blood - Director's Cut (March 2017)

After the release of our first album called "XXI Century Blood", we recorded this video clip for its title track. Together with director Abraham Marcos we decided to make this a concept video, not just showing us, but telling a story, that emphasizes, what we wanted to express with this song. Amazingly, it achieved some nominations for video awards and even won a few of them, which is totally unusual for a then independent band with a very restricted budget. This is the director's cut of the video and we hope, you will enjoy it.