Great news!!! We are about to release the first single from our upcoming album on 21st of May! Check out the little teaser, we have put on the "HOME"-page. If you want to, you can also pre-save it on Spotify or Apple Music using the link below. Are you as excited as we are?!


Hey, do you want to see us in a little rehearsal concert video, we did for our supporters at Patreon yesterday? If you don't know Patreon yet, just come on over and check it out. For a monthly tier of as low as $1.00, you can get access to exclusive footage like pics and videos, handwritten lyrics, online chats, exclusive merch, a fantastic community and much more. It's a bunch of fun!!!




OMG! Within just one month more tham eight million people have watched our old cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" on this James Hetfield fanpage. It's just mindblowing, that after all these years this video still brings smiles into so many people's faces. And we are grateful for every new fan, who got interested in us and maybe has listened to our original songs by now as well. Don't forget, our third album will be released soon. Hang on!


Watch the interview, we did with Alissa White-Gluz, the vocalist of the amazing band Arch Enemy, during our Patreon Instagram Take-Over day. We hope, we can meet in person one day, when the pandemic is over and we can play concerts and festivals again.


Check out this snippet of Maneater by Nelly Furtado. Isn't that guitar a beauty? Thank you, Paul Reed Smith!


Unbelievable! After seven years, our Metallica - Enter Sandman cover goes viral once again. On 27th of March a James Hetfield fan-page uploaded it to facebook and in less than four days, it got more tham 3.4 million views. It's amazing and makes us very happy to see, that after all these years, it still brightens up people's days.


Wow! Take a look, what Paul Reed Smith Guitars has sent us!!! PRS guitars are one of the most prestigeous guitar makers in the world and they want Dany to try out their instruments. It's a great guitar and Dany promised to upload a video soon. Stay tuned!


Check out our half-hour long VLOG about the 2020 Vive Latino Festival, that was formerly only accessible to our patreons. It was the last show, we were able to play before the pandemic kept us at home. A lot of interesting things have happened at that show, that you probably weren't able to see from the outside view. We hope so much, that we will soon be able to be on stage for you again. Until then, get our new album, which will be released soon. Keep Rocking!


Check out Dany's new Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster. Fender has sent us this new and very innovative guitar, that offers a lot of new possibilities. It features three independent pickup-technologies and offers ten different sound-modi. A highly interesting instrument, that will surely widen our tonal perspectives even more.


Here's an interview, we did with Guitar Girl Magazine. We were talking about the new album, the work with David Bendeth, the songwriting process, our gear and a lot more. Just follow the link and turn to page 32 to read the whole interview.


On this day one year ago, we were playing our last live concert in front of an audience at the Vive Latino 2020 Festival before COVID-19 forced us to stay at home. Here's a recording of the very last song, we played: Narcisista.

(BTW: This video was recorded by Rudy, who went around onstage with his iphone. So what you are about to hear is exactly, how we would hear ourselves with the guitar and bass amps behind our backs and the p.a. speakers in front of the stage, if we would not have in-ear monitoring. So thank you very much, InEarz Audio, for supporting us with the tools of the trade, that we need to deliver a perfect show!)

We cannot wait until we can present our new album to you!


Come over to Spotify and help us to push our single Narcisista over the one million mark as well! You have been warned!


Wow! On 16th of February our label Lava Records posted this Instagram reel of us, practising for the new album, which will be released soon, playing a rockified cover of "Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship)" by Studio Killers and in less than two weeks, it got more than 1.3 million views. Check it out.


Have you heard of patreon yet? If not, check it out! It's definitely worth it and we have a lot of fun together there!
Come JOIN US on Patreon! (video)


Watch our new video "Sinister Smiles" live at the Whisky a Gogo!
This video was made, when we played two SOLD OUT nights January 2020 at the legendary Whisky a Gogo on the Sunset Strip of Hollywood in Los Angeles California.


And just one day after the final mix of our new album is done, the mastering is also finished. What an awesome work by Ted Jensen from Sterling Sound!


See, what our producer, David Bendeth has to say after the final mix of our new Album is done. Thank you, David! It was an awesome time!


We are super happy to announce, that we have finished the mixing of our new album. A big thank you to all the people, who have made this possible.

If you want to make donations for the development of the band please do it here.


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