--- MAYDAY TOUR 2022 ---

We are happy to announce the dates for our first headling tour through North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) after we had to cancel our tour in 2020 due to the pandemic. We will play all over the continent in over 20 cities. Check the list and click the link below for prices and ticket purchases.


Jan. 18 - San Diego, Calif. @ House of Blues

Jan. 20 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ Troubadour
Jan. 22 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ Troubadour
Jan. 24 - Berkeley, Calif. @ Cornerstone
Jan. 26 - Seattle, Wash. @ Barboza
Jan. 27 - Vancouver, British Columbia @ Biltmore
Jan. 29 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ Complex
Jan. 30 - Denver, Colo. @ Marquis Theater
Feb. 1 - Minneapolis, Minn. @ Fine Line
Feb. 2 - Chicago, Ill. @ Bottom Lounge
Feb. 4 - Flint, Mich. @ The Machine Stop
Feb. 5 - Pittsburg, Pa. @ Jergels
Feb. 6 - Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Foundry
Feb. 7 - Boston, Mass. @ Brighton Music Hall
Feb. 9 - New York, N.Y. @ Gramercy Theater
Feb. 11 - Reading, Pa. @ Reverb
Feb. 12 - Baltimore, Md. @ Rams Head
Feb. 13 - Richmond, Va. @ Canal Club
Feb. 15 - Atlanta, Ga. @ Hell at the Masquerade
Feb. 16 - Tampa, Fla. @ Orpheum
Feb. 19 - Austin, Texas @ Come and Take It
Feb. 20 - Dallas Texas @ The Studio at The Factory
Feb. 21 - Houston, Texas @ Warehouse Live Studio
Feb. 25 - Phoenix, Ariz. @ Rebel Lounge

Feb. 26 - Santa Ana, Calif. @ Constellation Room

Mar. 15 - Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol (support for Foo Fighters)

Mar. 24 San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico @ Showcenter Complex (The Warning / ERUCA - MAYDAY TOUR)

Get your tickets here!!!



Check out our interview with GRAVEWEAVER, the artist of the webtoon "I'm the Grim Reaper", which was the blueprint for our first animated video for our new single "ANIMOSITY". Not only being a great artist, whose comics we love, she's also a very nice and warmhearted üerson. Come and watch the interview and them check her work. "I'm the Grim Reaper" is fabulous!




Our new single "ANIMOSITY" has officially been released on Youtube. 




Watch the premiere of our new video-clip for the new single "ANIMOSITY" from our EP "MAYDAY"! This is a collaboration with the super talented comic artist GRAVEWEAVER, the creator of the popular "I'm the Grim Reaper" webtoon. Being big Anime-fans ourselves, we are totally blown away from seeing us in an animated music video. Sign in and don't miss the premiere!



Happy Birthday, QOTMS!!! On this day, three years ago, we officially released our second album "Queen of the Murder Scene" at a presentation concert at Lunario in Mexico City. We played the whole album plus a few of our favorites from "XXI Century Blood". Come celebrate with us and watch the video of this groundbreaking moment in our career once again!




We really had a great time this weekend at the "Welcome to Rockville" festival in Daytona Beach, Florida. We did a 30-minutes-set and despite the technical difficulties, which are common at huge events like this, we had an awesome time. There were a lot of people attending our show and according to their reactions, they were really enjoying it. We played seven songs, five from our new EP "Mayday" and two from "Queen of the Murder Scene" and our gig was streamed by the official festival channel due to an overwhelming number of fan requests. (Thank you very much! You are the greatest!!! Check YouTube for the video!). They even asked us to do an interview with them, which was streamed as well. We also got the chance to meet some old friends of ours, foremost of course David Bendeth, our dear friend and producer of our new album, but also John Moyer from "Disturbed", whom we had met and worked with before, when we joined his bass and production workshop in our hometown Monterrey a few years ago. He also brought along David Draiman, Disturbed's singer, who was so impressed by our performance, that he made a very nice post on social media about us. Thank you, David, we feel honored. We also got to know Frank Bello from "Anthrax", our label-mates from "Hero the Band", Luke Holland and many more. It really was a fun weekend for us and it felt so good to be on stage again after such a long time. We hope, we will see you again soon at other concerts, festivals, tours in the near future. Keep rocking!!!




Please remember, that we will perform live at the "Welcome to Rockville" Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida, which is beginning today. We are scheduled to perform on the Rockvillain Stage on Sunday from 4:25 pm to 4:55 pm. So, if you are there, please come and watch us play. And if you are not, you can watch a Livestream on Twitch, if you want.




For the very first time since March 2020 we have been able to perform in front of an audience again. We had been invited to the TV show "Desvelados" and performed all six songs from our EP "MAYDAY" plus "Narcisista" and "Red Hands Never Fade" live and we also did an interview. If you want to check it out, please visit this link:



If you enjoyed watching our live session for CHOKE, you will surely like this one as well: Same studio, same day, different song: EVOLVE:



Thank you, Patreon, for featuring us in this video covering our career from the very early stages up to where we are now.




Are you curious about where and how we shot the video-clip for our new single "Disciple", the opening song of our EP "Mayday"? Check out this behind-the-scenes footage featuring not only us and our team, but also our dear fans from our hometown Monterrey, who appear in the crows scenes!




Today, we have been live on TV in Gente Regia on Televisa Monterrey. We did a little interview and played an acoustic version of our song "Martirio". You can watch it here:


As a thank you gift for our participation in "The Metallica Blacklist" Metallica sent us one of their limited Super Deluxe Collectors' Boxes for the Black Album containing 5 LPs, a picture disc, 14 CDs, 6 DVDs, a hardcover book and a lot of other cool things like picks, tour passes, a lanyard, lyrics sheets and more. Watch us unboxing it in the link below. A great gift, that we will cherish. Thank you so much, Metallica! We feel honored!



Check out the video clip for our new single "Disciple", that we did with the Monterrey legion of our dear fans, "The Warning Army", in the Parque Fundidora in our hometown. A fantastic setting and once again a great work from our team. Thank you very much to everyone involved! We hope, you will enjoy it!




Today, we have released our new six-song EP MAYDAY including "Choke", "Evolve", "Martirio" and the three new songs "Disciple", "Animosity" and "Z". You can get it online from all major download and streaming platforms! Keep on rocking!!!




"The Metallica Blacklist" Box (containing 4 CDs or 7 vinyl LPs) featuring our "Enter Sandman" Cover, that we did with Alessia Cara, is out now and available in stores worldwide. If you get it, come and post a picture of you and the box on our facebook page!




To shorten the waiting-time until we will release our third full length album: On 8th of October, we will release our new EP called MAYDAY, containing "Choke", "Evolve", "Martirio" and three more songs, never heard before. Presave it now with the link below!



Today, we have released our new single "Martirio"! After "Narcisista" this is the second song, we have ever written in our native language Spanish. Watch the video below! We hope, you'll like it!




For the first time in our career, we have entered the billboard charts with our version of Metallica's Enter Sandman, that we did together with Alessia Cara. Check out #13 in the video below! Thanks to everybody for streaming, watching and recommending it. Without you, our dear fans, nothing of this would have been possible. So please keep streaming and telling people, that you like it. Remember: All money goes to charity!




Check out this Behind-The-Scenes video, we did, showing our work in the studio, when we recorded our Enter Sandman Cover for The Metallica Blacklist.




Due to a change of dates in the Formula One season, the Foo Fighters concert, in the Foro Sol in CDMX, that was planned for November 10, 2021 will now take place on March 15, 2022. Of course, we will still be opening for them. Hope to see you there! Let's rock!



Today, Metallica's charity album "The Metallica Blacklist" was digitally released on all streaming and download platforms. As you know, we were taking part in it with a new rendition of "Enter Sandman", that we did together in a collaboration with Canadian Grammy winner, singer/songwriter Alessia Cara and which got chosen as the background music for the trailer of Marvel's new. videogame "Midnight Suns". To celebrate the release, our team and us recorded a great video clip in an old, burnt-out factory. Please follow the link below! Enjoy!!!



Our good friend Fil from Great Britain, who had also done an interview with us about a year ago, has made a great analysis of "Choke", the first single from our upcoming new album. So, if you are interested in little deeper insight into the structure and musical buildup of the song, watch the video below. And if you want to learn about how we run a live-show, which tools and techniques we use etc. check out the interview.



Are you as exited as we are regarding the release of our third album? We have put together a little video with some of the people, who were involved with the production of it, sharing comments and scenes from the studio. You can find it in our YouTube channel or by clicking the link below.



Pre-save our EP "MAYDAY", that will include six songs from our upcoming album, including Evolve and Choke, on Spotify and Apple Music! We have decided to release this EP to make the waiting time until our full album drops a little shorter, so you can get a first impression on how it will sound like. Come and rock with us and tell us, what you think about it! The "MAYDAY" EP will be released on 8th of October, but you can already pre-save it now by following the link below.



Look at this beautiful bass, that our sponsor Spector has built for Music Loft! "This bass is finished in a color called Ale’s Inferno." We wonder, where this name comes from... ;-)



Do you want to know some background information, how our collaboration with Marvel using our "Enter Sandman" cover, that we did with Alessia Cara, came to place? Check out this interview, that Plano Informativo did with Rudy! (This article is in Spanish. So if you don't understand Spanish, please use an online translator tool like DeepL.)




Being huge MARVEL fans ourselves, we feel very excited and honored to be chosen to be part of the new "MARVEL Midnight Suns" project. MARVEL chose our rendition of Metallica's song "Enter Sandman", that we recorded in a collaboration with Alessia Cara for Metallica's charity album "The Metallica Blacklist", as the background music for the trailer of their new video game. We cannot wait to be able to play it! How do you like the the song?




We were super honored, when we were asked by "School of Rock" and the "Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide" to do an interview in their webshow. Of course, we agreed to take part and in addition to the interview, we decided to enter a local studio and do a live performance of our new album's first single "Choke" for it. If you want to watch and hear it, please check out the link below.




Please check out this live version of "Evolve", we did with Spanish Youtuber ShaunTrack on second guitar in his homestudio in Sevilla, Spain on 2021-07-24 during our family vacation. We had a lot of fun together and ShaunTrack did an amazing job, mixing the tracks. The outcome is really spectacular. Enjoy!




We have done an interview with Rolling Stone, Mexico and talked about our collaboration with Alessia Cara for Metallica's new charity album "The Metallica Blacklist", for which we had covered "Enter Sandman" together, the upcoming show with Foo Fighters, our third album, which will be released "soon", our new single "Evolve" and much more. You can watch it on the Rolling Stone, Mexico YouTube channel. Enjoy!


As you surely know by now, we will be opening the show for Foo Fighters in CDMX in November. Foo Fighters have the tradition to publish a playlist with songs of their support bands, so the audience has a chance to learn about them before attending the concert. We are very happy and feel very honored to be featured there with our songs "Survive", "Choke", "Evolve", "Narcissista", "Dust to Dust", "XXI Century Blood", "Sinister Smiles" and "Dull Knives".



Have you seen our new video clip for "Evolve" yet? We shot it in a garage within just two hours using only 16 iPhones as cameras and a drone. Sounds weird? Have a look at this "behind-the-scenes" video, that we did. It was different, it was unusual and it was cool. And we like the results quite a lot. 




We feel honored, that Rolling Stone magazine, Mexico has featured us again on their website. Thank you very much!




After a few initial problems, the video-clip for our new single "Evolve" is finally also available on YouTube in stereo and with the best possible sound quality. Our producer David Bendeth has really done a fantastic job, so get your headphones out and turn the volume up! We are not in danger, we ARE the danger!!! ;-)




We are happy to announce, that our new single "Evolve" has been officially released today and is now available on most streaming and download platforms. Check the link below!




We are always happy to give interviews, so new fans get the chance to know us better. A few days ago we did this little interview for Sopitas. We were talking about our new music, the upcoming concert with Foo Fighters, the collaboration with Alessia Cara to perform "Enter Sandman" for Metallica's new charity project "The Metallica Blacklist", our beginnings and our main influences like Queen, Pink Floyd and Muse. Check it out!




Thank you, Joe Elliot, for playing "CHOKE" in your radio show on Planet Rock!!! We met Joe and the rest of Def Leppard, when we opened for them in Mexico City and Guadalajara in 2017 and at the first Mother Of All festival in our hometown Monterrey. These are the nicest guys, you can imagine. So, once again, thank you very much for the promotion and the kind words. We really appreciate it and hope to share the stage with you again in the future. Def Leppard rocks!!!




We are proud and happy to announce, that on 23rd of July we will release the second single called "EVOLVE" from our upcoming new album. You can check out a little teaser on our homepage and you can presave it by following the link below to make sure, you won't miss the release date.




Happy Birthday, Enter Sandman! Exactly seven years ago, on 8th of July 2014, we uploaded our cover of Metallica's song "Enter Sandman" to YouTube. Actually, this wasn't even a proper cover-version, just the three of us being recorded for friends and family, while we were practising. But it went viral anyway and kickstarted a line of events from our invitation to Ellen DeGeneres' talk show in 2015 to our invitation to participate in Metallica's "The Metallica Blacklist" album together with Alessia Cara ("Scars To Your Beautiful") just a few weeks ago. So we are super grateful to all the 22+ mio. people, who have watched it on YouTube and all the people, who have shared it in social media all over the world (including Southern Rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd).

Thank you!!!


On 10th of November 2021 we will be the opening band for our idols Foo Fighters in the Foro Sol in Mexico City. This is an incredible honor for us, especially as the Foo Fighters have always been one of our favorite bands and we have been to their concerts  before and even covered a few of their songs (Everlong, The Pretender, Walk, All My Life, ...). And now we will share the same stage with them in our home country. It's just unbelievable. Get your tickets, this will be one hell of a show!


We are going  to celebrate Ronnie James Dio’s birthday on July 10 at 2pm pacific time by being part of a global livestream event to benefit the Dio Cancer Fund. There will be legendary artists like Judas Priest's Rob Halford, Tenacious D, Halestorm's Lzzy Hale, Lita Ford, Anthrax's Joey Belladonna, Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, Vinnie and Carmine Appice, Glenn Hughes, Guns n' Roses' Duff Mc Kagan and Frank Ferrer, Gilby Clarke, Sevendust's Lajon Witherspoon, Dio Disciples (incl. Tim "Ripper" Owens, Oni Logan, Craig Goldie, Simon Wright) and many more with never-before-seen performances and rare archival footage. Come and join us! Tickets are available via the link below.




We are proud to announce, that we are part of Metallica's new project "The Metallica Blacklist". In order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their selftitled album (also known as "The Black Album") Metallica decided to release box-sets of 4 CDs and 7 vinyls with renditions of the twelve songs therein by 53 bands and artists from all over the world and from all imaginable musical genres and generations including  Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Ghost, Volbeat, Weezer, The Hu, Corey Taylor, Royal Blood, Biffy Clyro, Cage the Elephant and... us!

We feel extremely honored, that we were chosen to do a collaboration with the Canadian Grammy winner Alessia Cara ("Scars to Your Beautiful") performing a new version of "Enter Sandman".

What makes us even more happy is, that all profits made with this project will be donated to charities chosen by the contributing artists including Metallica's own "All Within My Hands" foundation. We chose "Save the Children" for our share.
Please don't hesitate to preorder now. The release of the digital and streaming versions will take place on 10th of September, the physical media will be available from 1st of October.




We just did an online interview with RIFF Magazine. You can watch it here:



You guys are so amazing!!! We can't believe it, but both shows at The Troubardour in January 2022 sold out in less than three hours! We can't wait to meet you there! And if you did not succeed to get tickets, don't be sad. We promise, there will be many more shows to come! Keep Rocking!!!




Due to the immense demand during our Patreon presale, we have set up a second date at The Troubardour on January 22, 2022. Come, and get your tickets!!!


The Warning at The Troubadour! After playing the Whisky a Gogo three times already, we will be back in Los Angeles on January 20, 2022 to play a headlining show at another legendary venue, "The Toubardour". Come and get your tickets now, as this place will surely be sold out soon.



We are super excited to announce, that we will be part of the "Welcome to Rockville" Festival on November 14, 2021 at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL together with such amazing bands as Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rob Zombie, The Offspring, Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots and many, many more! Check it out!!!



Watch this really cool behind-the-scenes video, that we made during the shooting of our clip for our new single "Choke" from our upcoming album. We finished it all in one day and the film crew and everyone involved, including Natalia Morales,the model in the water tank, did an awesome job. Thank you once again so much for everything!



OMG!!! "Choke" went #1 in the  rock charts of Mexico, Peru and Ireland! Thank you so much and please keep streaming, watching and sharing!



As we were in Los Angeles anyway, we stepped by Hear We Are and did another face-to-face interview with Matt Pinfield about our new single "Choke", the shooting of the video clip and what's to come next. You can watch it here:



So we are back in Los Angeles in the legendary Capitol Records Building to make some final changes to the mix of our new album, that will come out soon. Everything turned out great and we are super excited and hope, you will like it as much as we do.




Do you want to know, what our new song "Choke" is all about? Come and watch our official lyrics video on YouTube!



This is awesome! There are so many articles and reviews for our new single "Choke" popping up everywhere (Mexico, USA, Finland, France, Germany, Italy...). Thank you all so, so much. If you want to, please check out our "articles & interviews" section. You will find links to most of them there.




Check out this great online interview, we did with Matt Pinfield for Rolling Live Studios and watch us perform our new single "Choke" live from our basement!



Great news!!! Our webshop is finally open again, still with a reduced inventory, but make sure to check back often. There will be a lot more media and cool merchandise in the near future!!!




Loudwire seems to like our new single "Choke" as well. Read the article here:



Rolling Stone Mexico has just released an article about our new song "Choke". Check it out! (in Spanish)


Come and check out the official video clip for our first single "Choke" from our upcoming new album, our first one relesed under Lava/Republic Records! We hope, you will enjoy watching it as much as we did filming it. Enjoy!


Kickstarters, check your emails!!! There's a big surprise waiting for you!



Great news!!! We are about to release the first single from our upcoming album on 21st of May! Check out the little teaser, we have put on the "HOME"-page. If you want to, you can also pre-save it on Spotify or Apple Music using the link below. Are you as excited as we are?!



Hey, do you want to see us in a little rehearsal concert video, we did for our supporters at Patreon yesterday? If you don't know Patreon yet, just come on over and check it out. For a monthly tier of as low as $1.00, you can get access to exclusive footage like pics and videos, handwritten lyrics, online chats, exclusive merch, a fantastic community and much more. It's a bunch of fun!!!






OMG! Within just one month more tham eight million people have watched our old cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" on this James Hetfield fanpage. It's just mindblowing, that after all these years this video still brings smiles into so many people's faces. And we are grateful for every new fan, who got interested in us and maybe has listened to our original songs by now as well. Don't forget, our third album will be released soon. Hang on! 



Watch the interview, we did with Alissa White-Gluz, the vocalist of the amazing band Arch Enemy, during our Patreon Instagram Take-Over day. We hope, we can meet in person one day, when the pandemic is over and we can play concerts and festivals again.



Check out this snippet of Maneater by Nelly Furtado. Isn't that guitar a beauty? Thank you, Paul Reed Smith!



Unbelievable! After seven years, our Metallica - Enter Sandman cover goes viral once again. On 27th of March a James Hetfield fan-page uploaded it to facebook and in less than four days, it got more tham 3.4 million views. It's amazing and makes us very happy to see, that after all these years, it still brightens up people's days.



Wow! Take a look, what Paul Reed Smith Guitars has sent us!!! PRS guitars are one of the most prestigeous guitar makers in the world and they want Dany to try out their instruments. It's a great guitar and Dany promised to upload a video soon. Stay tuned!



Check out our half-hour long VLOG about the 2020 Vive Latino Festival, that was formerly only accessible to our patreons. It was the last show, we were able to play before the pandemic kept us at home. A lot of interesting things have happened at that show, that you probably weren't able to see from the outside view. We hope so much, that we will soon be able to be on stage for you again. Until then, get our new album, which will be released soon. Keep Rocking!



Check out Dany's new Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster. Fender has sent us this new and very innovative guitar, that offers a lot of new possibilities. It features three independent pickup-technologies and offers ten different sound-modi. A highly interesting instrument, that will surely widen our tonal perspectives even more.



Here's an interview, we did with Guitar Girl Magazine. We were talking about the new album, the work with David Bendeth, the songwriting process, our gear and a lot more. Just follow the link and turn to page 32 to read the whole interview.



On this day one year ago, we were playing our last live concert in front of an audience at the Vive Latino 2020 Festival before COVID-19 forced us to stay at home. Here's a recording of the very last song, we played: Narcisista.

(BTW: This video was recorded by Rudy, who went around onstage with his iphone. So what you are about to hear is exactly, how we would hear ourselves with the guitar and bass amps behind our backs and the p.a. speakers in front of the stage, if we would not have in-ear monitoring. So thank you very much, InEarz Audio, for supporting us with the tools of the trade, that we need to deliver a perfect show!)

We cannot wait until we can present our new album to you!



Come over to Spotify and help us to push our single Narcisista over the one million mark as well! You have been warned!


Wow! On 16th of February our label Lava Records posted this Instagram reel of us, practising for the new album, which will be released soon, playing a rockified cover of "Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship)" by Studio Killers and in less than two weeks, it got more than 1.3 million views. Check it out.



Have you heard of patreon yet? If not, check it out! It's definitely worth it and we have a lot of fun together there!
Come JOIN US on Patreon! (video)



Watch our new video "Sinister Smiles" live at the Whisky a Gogo!
This video was made, when we played two SOLD OUT nights January 2020 at the legendary Whisky a Gogo on the Sunset Strip of Hollywood in Los Angeles California.


And just one day after the final mix of our new album is done, the mastering is also finished. What an awesome work by Ted Jensen from Sterling Sound!



See, what our producer, David Bendeth has to say after the final mix of our new Album is done. Thank you, David! It was an awesome time!



We are super happy to announce, that we have finished the mixing of our new album. A big thank you to all the people, who have made this possible.