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It all started back in 2005 when Daniela was five and Paulina was three years old

and had their first experience with music when attending a summer camp with

music and theatre activities. After that they began piano lessons. They listened

from children’s song like Barney to rock and roll like AC/DC and Muse.

Fast forward a couple years later in 2007 when Daniela turned 8 and Paulina

6 and they loved to play the popular video game ROCK BAND. This was a huge

influence on which instruments the girls would start playing next.

Alejandra, being the youngest, had a whole different approach to music. She had to

wait until she was five years old to enroll in piano and music lessons. Being raised in

a house full of music and the role models that her older sisters came to be for

her always kept her motivated to take a leap into music properly. It took her a

lot of music-video-binging for her to realize she wanted to try out bass guitar,

because she really loved the sound it made.

The girls never planned to form a band, especially since Alejandra was too young.

The girls just liked playing music. It was a Christmas Holiday’s school festival

where Daniela and Paulina decided to play together a song that they had been

working on separately. They invited Alejandra and her skills were tested at such

young age but she handled the bass lines as if she had been playing for years.

The satisfaction and enjoyment of that first musical experience on stage was

so big they started practicing more songs together, setting higher goals for each

on their instrument, goals that they saw and heard in music from the rock and roll

bands they loved listening to.

They started videotaping those rehearsals and uploading them to their YouTube

channel, where they had a few followers and with time started gaining more. But

it wasn’t until they uploaded a cover for the song “Enter Sandman” by the band

Metallica. This one broke the internet.

In just a few days it went viral and millions of people from all around the world

became hardcore fans of THE WARNING, setting off a series of events that would

kick the girls into the musical scene in a way nobody expected.

In January 2015 they recorded their first EP with songs written and performed

by them. Playing and experimenting through different styles and genres they

found that rock and roll was the kind of music they loved playing.

By this time the sisters had a dream: attending a five-week summer course at

Berklee College of Music. They created a GoFundMe campaign to raise the

money they needed to attend the summer course. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

found the girl’s viral video online and invited them to appear in the show for an

interview and performance. Thanks to the huge support that Ellen showed to

the girls and the significant fan base they had gained in their social media, they

raised the money to attend to Berklee, where the talk show also followed and

documented the girl’s experience during their summer course for EllenTube.

Inspired by THE WARNING's early achievments, the american video game

developers Harmonix Music Systems were aware that their Rock Band video

game had been the catalyst for this online phenomena, so they reached out to the

girls, invited them to visit their facilities and included their single “Free Falling”

in the latest version of the game, Rock Band 4.

By this time they started receiving offers to play in different venues around the

U.S.A. and México. These are a few of their shows up to 2017:

Musak Festival (California, USA)

Pal Norte Festival (Monterrey, MX)

Gibson Guitars Showcase (Beverly Hills, USA)

House Of Blues (Anaheim, USA)

SXSW Music Fest 2015 (Austin, USA)

TEDx Talks 2016 (Reno, USA)

Hard Rock Café (Boston, USA)

Sunshine Festival (Texas, USA)

SXSW Music Fest 2016 (Austin, USA)

TEDx Talks 2017 (Reno, USA)

JRZ Music Fest 2017 (CD. Juarez , MX)

TECATE FoodTruck Fest 2017 (Monterrey , MX)

Rock Fest 2017 (Toluca , MX)

Def Leppard Opener Arena CDMX (México City)

Def Leppard Opener Auditorio Telmex (Guadalajara,MX)

MOTHER OF ALL Rock Festival 2017 (Monterrey, MX)

Festival Cielo Magico (Santiago, MX)

*Official Supporter for Def Leppard México Tour 2017

During the time of these shows and different stages they started the songwriting

process for their first LP. During 2016 they worked in the recordings, editing

and mixing of 13 songs written by them and their first studio LP was born:


XXI CENTURY BLOOD was released on MARCH 27TH, 2017 along with a

music video for their first single also titled “XXI Century Blood”. The band will

be rehearsing and working on a series of concerts soon to be announced around

the U.S.A. and México.



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